Keeping up with Covid



A topic of conversation currently circulating is Covid’s impact on the arts and entertainment sector, and in particular how this highlights the constant evolution that dance teachers and their students need to undergo.

While in theory the same can be said for all corners of life, the conversation for dance is exacerbated by the pressure the sector has been under in returning to live classes, rehearsals and performances, in a bid to live as close to ‘normal’ as possible.

While old school methods of dance training still have their place, it is clear that the 21st century sector needs methods and approaches that are updated to modern requirements, and that can adapt to other changes that may present themselves in the future. Dance teachers must be able to address the needs of their students while considering the bigger picture of the world, with what will work best for them.

Teachers must be able to nurture their students while providing parameters for students to work within: it is a hard balance and one where those parameters must be to shift depending on how and why dance students are required to evolve. This will mean their future is more accommodating, due to the personalised, supportive, and positive environment they have danced within. It seems gone are the days of regimented dance training, as it is just not sustainable today.

It is also not enough to simply gain recognised industry qualifications and be given the tools to thrive in the modern dance environment. Students must be accountable for themselves, and also be encouraged to maintain healthy practices and mental wellbeing to order to support their own dance experience. The pandemic has and continues to teach us so much, and for dance and it’s students this is so important for ensuring healthy minds and bodies. 

That being said, this evolution may have occurred very naturally in dance studios and schools, with teachers today keen to offer their students even more training options in a variety of disciplines. Either way, their futures will as bright and as welcome as can be.