Instagram Dance Solos



With much of the dance world returning to its previous physical status, there is still lots of work created online, and for online audiences.

Room to Room will present three new dance solos created and performed by dance artists: Joseph Toonga choreographs Natalia Osipova, Catarina Carvalho choreographs Hearns Sebuado and Ana Maria Lucaciu choreographs Vidya Patel. The solos will debut on Facebook and Instagram at 7.30pm BST on Tuesday 21 September.

Dance artists Ana Maria Lucaciu and Catarina Carvalho (long-time dancers with Cedar Lake and Company Wayne McGregor respectively) have joined forces with four more dance artists to create three new dance solos for Room to Room.

Room to Room was born when Lucaciu and Carvalho, out of work due to the pandemic, created a long-distance dance solo based on a set of tasks they devised together. Working via Zoom with Carvalho in London and Lucaciu in Helsinki, the week-long collaboration resulted in a 13-minute solo, filmed on a smartphone. From that early expression of anxiety and hope sprung a global project involving more than 50 artists around the globe and this September sees the first UK version.

Hip Hop and contemporary dancer and choreographer Joseph Toonga collaborated with Natalia Osipova, a Principal of The Royal Ballet, to create a solo for her. Catarina Carvalho has been working with hearing-impaired dancer Hearns Sebuado to make his solo (Sebuado’s many performance credits include Deaf Men Dancing) and Ana Maria Lucaciu is working with Kathak and contemporary dancer Vidya Patel to create her solo. Each duo was given the same set of prompts by Lucaciu and Carvalho to use as a starting point, along with guidance and support for the creation of the solos.

The full piece will be free to watch, and available for one week from Tuesday 21 September.