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Do you order costumes internationally and are tired of waiting for months for stock to arrive and paying hundreds of dollars in postage?

Do you get bill shock when the exchange rate changes and you pay more than you thought you would, or you get charged import duty that you weren’t expecting?

Do you have to call in the middle of the night to speak to someone to get customer service to solve an urgent problem? 

At IDS, we understand the stress you go through when you are ordering costumes for your concert. When you order from us:

  • We send your costumes that day express and tracked so, even though they are coming from the UK, you receive them in around a week.
  • The most we will charge for postage is $70.
  • Everything is priced in Australian dollars so you know exactly what you are paying and you can confidently order an amount knowing whether or not you will be paying import duty.
  • If you have any questions about sizing, stock availability or anything at all, you have a local account manager in Australia you can call to help you out. 

With thousands of quality costumes to choose from without all the usual stress of costume buying internationally, why use anyone else?  Call 1800 172 810 if you’d like to discuss how we can help you this concert season. 

  1. Revolution From Afar
    Revolution From Afar REVRC20959
  2. Revolution We're All In This Together
    Revolution We're All In This Together REVRC23953
  3. Revolution See You Soon
    Revolution See You Soon REVRC23980
  4. Revolution Just Like This
    Revolution Just Like This REVRC23993
  5. Revolution Never Alone
    Revolution Never Alone REVRC23886
  6. Revolution Cello Suite
    Revolution Cello Suite REVRC23904
  7. Revolution On the Edge
    Revolution On the Edge REVRC23994
  8. Revolution Lets Get Loud
    Revolution Lets Get Loud REVRC23992
  9. Revolution Fine By Me
    Revolution Fine By Me REVRC23988
  10. Revolution How Sweet It Is
    Revolution How Sweet It Is REVRC23981
  11. Revolution Sound of Silence
    Revolution Sound of Silence REVRC23978
  12. Revolution Its Always You
    Revolution Its Always You REVRC23977
  13. Revolution Stay With Me
    Revolution Stay With Me REVRC23971
  14. Revolution Dance With Me
    Revolution Dance With Me REVRC23966
  15. Revolution Fly to Your Heart
    Revolution Fly to Your Heart REVRC23963